relief cover
 1 Scent
 2 Spirit
 3 Gasp
 4 At The Lake
 5 Can't Fix
 6 Mean Devil Blues
 7 Unseasonable
 8 December Frost
 9 Relief
10 Nothing's Left
11 Sail
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Available at iTunes, eMusic,
Amazon and Napster.
All songs written, performed and produced by Blues Trail.
Recorded and mixed at Mary-Lou Studio with support from:
Stefan Hartl - solo guitars on 1 and 2
Jörn Schwarzburger - drums on 4
Studio Pros - piano tracks on 2, 3, 7 and 8, trumpet on 8, saxophones on 1 and 3, drums and bass on 9
Peter Vanselow - solo guitar on 10 and heavy rhythm guitars on 11
Ekky Meister - organ on 6 and 10
Amir Jan (In The Middle of Between) - trumpet on 6

Cover illustration by Jens Reinhold of zenz-art.

In retrospect, finishing the work on this album reminds me of the everlasting support from my parents, of the wonderful radio shows of Colin Kesterton with endless hours of great music, of all forum feedbackers, of my band fellows ages ago, of A.Kurtz and of all guys who participated.
This is dedicated to all who can relate.

The lyrics. There ain't no written lyrics to be found here. However, I hope that some pictures still come up on your mind while listening.

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